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Our mission

To accelerate the journey to sustainable aviation by developing evidence-based tools and insights that support people to map, understand, and embark on the pathways towards sustainable flight.      

Meet the team

Aviation for the future

The aviation industry provides critical value to society, facilitating the flow of goods, services, and people. But that value comes at an environmental cost – most notably in the sector’s contribution to climate change. As economies around the world accelerate action towards a net zero future, the aviation sector must go on the same journey. The sector is globally distributed, highly regulated and siloed, therefore presenting numerous challenges that must be navigated to unlock sustainable aviation.

Accelerating change

The Aviation Impact Accelerator (AIA) aims to advance the transition to net-zero flight. Our evidence-based models and visualisations map the whole aviation system and show how it can be accelerated to sustainability. We provide an authoritative evaluation of future technology choices, emphasising impact, opportunity and risk for senior decision-makers and aviation industry stakeholders.   

Academic-Industry partnership

Led by the University of Cambridge, we bring together multi-disciplinary expertise from a global group of academics and practitioners. The AIA has assembled a team of over 60 contributors and gathered input from over 80 different companies in the sector. We operate a range of small, agile, cross-disciplinary teams looking at multiple aspects of the system including fuels, aircraft and propulsion technologies, airports, non-CO2 emissions, network modelling, economics and policy, and model design.

Global partners and advisors