Partners and collaborators

The Aviation Impact Accelerator is based on the cooperative research and industry connections that its wide team of partners and collaborators bring.

The University of Cambridge’s Whittle Laboratory leads the research for the project, harnessing its deep technical expertise to investigate future technologies and their environmental performance in order to accelerate sustainable flight. The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) leads stakeholder convening and communication utilising its wide network of stakeholders in sustainability and policy expertise, as well as three decades of experience compiling and communicating powerful research to galvanize action towards a sustainable economy.

The value of the initiative is found in its collaboration with our academic and industry partners listed below, which allow the AIA to benefit from the newest and most innovative aviation research and bring together multidisciplinary expertise to create a greener future for aviation.

The AIA is driven by its methodological autonomy from the organisations that fund and engage with the project. Structures in place allow the AIA to be committed to the independence of the final outcomes of research. 

Academic partners

University of Cambridge Aviation Impact Accelerator
Air Transportation Systems Lab @ UCL


Target True Zero

Industry advisors

Funding partners



Department for Transport
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council