The Aviation Impact Accelerator (AIA) has been collaborating with the Aerospace Global Forum to share the work of the AIA, bring together wider ecosystem voices and accelerate the transition to sustainable aviation.

The Aerospace Global Forum (AGF) 2022 is a brand-new platform developed as part of the Farnborough Airshow to drive immediate action towards Net Zero aviation. AGF is providing a truly global platform and aerospace ecosystem to discuss and catalyse initiatives that focus on pathways that accelerate the road to Net Zero in this critical decade.

The AGF and the AIA have collaborated to create a documentary which brings together voices from the global expertise contributing to the AIA. The video highlights the need to bring together academia, industry, civil society and Government to drive change.

The AIA will also be contributing to several high-level events at the AGF to share our work on accelerating the journey to sustainable aviation by developing evidence-based tools that allow people to map, understand, and embark on the pathways towards sustainable flight.     

Find out more about the AIA events at Global Aerospace Forum here.