This week, the Aviation Impact Accelerator featured in a number of events at the Sustainable Skies World Summit, organized by Farnborough International, aimed to showcase and support industry’s efforts towards meeting its net zero commitment.

Prof Rob Miller leading a policy panel on how political leadership can accelerate net zero progress

The AIA’s Prof Rob Miller lead a panel discussion featuring global policy leaders, representing the European Union, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Federal Aviation Administration in the US, and the UK’s Shadow Minister for Transport.  

The panel discussed the crucial role of policymakers across the world in creating ambition by investing in alternative aviation fuels and balancing this interest with other implications, such as energy security. Panellists discussed the importance of investing across a diverse range of these fuels, not just in SAFs but also more nascent technologies in earlier stages of development like hydrogen and battery-electric.

Over the next five years, there is likely to be a significant number of new short-range electric aircraft in the markets. The panel discussed the complex policy implications of this point, including the certification challenges, regulations, air traffic controls and more.

Rob also featured in a panel discussion with McKinsey’s Robin Riedel

The importance of addressing skills gaps in the work force and bringing in young people who may be energised by the challenges of building an aviation sector with no climate impact was also a key point. It’s vital that policymakers engage with their workforces of the future and seize the opportunity to meet the enthusiasm of young people with the necessary jobs and opportunities.

AIA Team members showcasing our tools at the AIA stand

Further international cooperation will be vital to decarbonising this global industry, and stronger partnerships must be built with industry for net zero aviation to become a reality.

The AIA team were also demonstrated our tools, including our Journey Impact Simulator, our Resource to Climate Comparison Evaluator, and other tools we have built to help inform aviation stakeholders on the future of aviation. You can read more about our tools here.

Thanks to the Sustainable Skies World Summit team and the whole AIA team for a fantastic summit!

AIA team members at the conference